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Wikipedia rabbit hole t-shirt (Unisex)

Wikipedia rabbit hole t-shirt (Unisex)

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Have you ever searched Wikipedia with a subject in mind, only to find yourself spending hours reading about something completely different? This design represents the joy of falling down the (knowledge) rabbit hole, a quintessential Wikipedia experience. You get almost hypnotized with the information you discover by clicking the familiar blue links on Wikipedia. Design by Glenn Newcomer.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash warm, inside out (do not bleach)
  • Sizing guide 
About Glenn

    Glenn Newcomer

    Glenn Newcomer is an artist and designer from the mossy city of Olympia. He blends commercial and art projects and realizes work with clients in the coffee, music, cycling, fly fishing and fine art industries. He works at a small design studio called Hum Creative in Seattle and hopes you're having a really chill day. Photos used with permission of Glenn Newcomer, not subject to the Creative Commons license. 

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