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Moai t-shirt (women)
Moai t-shirt (women)

Moai t-shirt (women)

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the heads have bodies

Moaii/ˈmoʊ.aɪ/, or mo‘ai, are monolithic human figures carved by the Rapa Nui people on the Chilean Polynesian island of Easter Island between the years 1250 and 1500 CE. Though moai are whole-body statues, they are commonly referred to as "Easter Island heads". This is partly because of the disproportionate size of most moai heads and partly because, from the invention of photography until the 1950s, the only moai standing on the island were the statues on the slopes of Rano Raraku, many of which are buried to their shoulders.

Front of shirt: Wikipedia fact No 3044: The heads have bodies.

Shirt color: heather red

    • 100% Cotton
    • Machine wash warm, inside out (do not bleach)
    • Sizing guide 
    • NOTE: Garment size is VERY fitted.  If in doubt, buy a size larger than normal.

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